Our motivation

Why go to play in remote areas forgotten by the world of the elite and prestige, outside the main areas of comfort, for the uprooted, refugees, the freshly rooted, villagers, townspeople, nomads, natives and aborigines ?

Our projects have revealed a world balanced between fear and the sublime.

A world where prospectors can buy a river in one second, divert it at great expense by a tunnel in the mountain, and deprive an entire population and its cattle of irrigation for its fields.

And that same world is generously provided with wide underground solidarity networks, with dozens of small heroes who are passionate and committed to the common good. The resulting energy is huge and so contagious that it has shaken us profoundly.

Providing entertainment by the contacts among these networks: :

This is immerse yourself instantly in the cultural, economic and social soil of a region.
It means working by meeting the population’s issues straightforwardly.
It means entering in direct communication with the locals.
It means discovering and informing yourself about geopolitics: analysing, understanding and therefore finding inspiration in the heart of the dragon.
It means moving our eyes, our cursor, our contacts, our financial, human and creative means towards whose who build, reveal and raise children.
It means choosing to be deliberately optimistic.

And suddenly the trip reveals its new virtue: it becomes just an excuse to meet, learn and share. Travelling with shows is putting art at the service of human encounters. It means being in perpetual human study, interested in others, in the history of religions, in knowledge.

MaMaFele, … another look at culture.