Visual theater


Rejecting the idea of a culture on the cheap for poor regions, MaMaFele strives to bring quality professional performances, ingeniously made light, foldable and transportable, and therefore playable anywhere on the planet … (jungles, high mountains, deserts, cities and slums).

MaMaFele offers a complementary and offbeat look compared with rational, reasoned and didactic information. Its language is based on the poetic image, live music, and the emotion of the actor’s movement

Beyond language barriers, through a universal non-verbal language (mime, dance, juggling, music and video), our shows reach a multicultural and multigenerational general public.

The regular collaboration with local associations allows exchanges and direct questions with the public, through public debates that usually follow the show.

Entertainment, Poetry, Exchange, Reflections, Debates, Public lectures, courses, Intercultural Learning derive from this tool for meeting that is visual theater.