The Man who Planted Trees

Visual tales (50 minutes) by the Cie Andrayas

“The man who planted trees” is a visual tale (50 min), inspired by a little text from Jean Giono.
It tells us the friendship of a young man with an old farmer. These two people are going to mix with each other during more than 20 years.
This old farmer has an obsession: transforming the dry region in which he lives, into a forest …
Besides the theme forest-deforestation, this tale speaks to us about “resiliency-building”, and the importance to have dreams and realise them.

Logistics of the shows :

  • A closed space which can be completely darkened (by our plastic covers): minimal Width: 5 meters / minimal Height: 3 meters.
  • It is possible to play outdoors at night and without contamination of street lighting.
  • Ideally 200 spectators per representation (for a good visibility).
  • One or two electrical plugs 220 V.
  • 3 hours needed to set up the show and 90 minutes to remove it.