Enki, the Water Singer

Visual tale (45 minutes) by the Cie Andrayas

In the Sumerian mythology, Enki is the God of the fresh water and the prosperity. Without water, no life and no development.
Through the eyes of Enki, this dreamlike tale invites you to discover the importance of the water and, more globally, the importance of the respect for the nature and for the environment for the survival of the Planet and that of the Human being.
Enki does not need men and women to pursue his road. The life could well continue with or without us …

Logistics of the shows :

  • A closed space which can be completely darkened (by our plastic covers): minimal Width: 5 meters / minimal Height: 3 meters.
  • It is possible to play outdoors at night and without contamination of street lighting.
  • Ideally 200 spectators per representation (for a good visibility).
  • One or two electrical plugs 220 V.
  • 3 hours needed to set up the show and 90 minutes to remove it.